Air Travel Program To A Beautiful Island

Formosa, Taiwan, as it was called, comes from the Portuguese word for beautiful. If you were to plan a trip to this jewel of Eastern Europe, we understand just why this land has been so richly enjoyed for centuries. With the lush mountains, vibrant cities, excellent hiking opportunities, and some of the best hot springs in the world, it's no surprise that Taiwan is often described as among the most diverse destinations throughout Asia.

Although many people think of Taiwan as a must see destination, is perhaps due to a lack of information on the country that was under the radar for the last few decades in terms of global tourism. What is certain is that within the confines of the village is a world full of cultural influences and contrasts likes of which are unavailable elsewhere in Asia. It offers a heady mix of personal freedom, exciting cities, and a timeless culture.

During these times of rapid change and increasing global travel connections, Taiwan is attracting travelers from all walks of life. This is a destination for those individuals seeking spiritual elevation, visitors seeking the latest high-tech gadgets, and people who appreciate the complexity of the culture that respects and populous.

On the surface, the country may seem ultra modern, but scratch the surface and you will find a land steeped in history and beliefs of ancient style. The Taiwanese are known throughout Asia to be incredibly warm and friendly. Even today visitors as yet met with "Renqing Wei", translated as meaning personal affection.

Almost every visitor who makes the journey to Taiwan began their trip to Taipei. Although at first glance, the capital can seem a bit 'generic, is full of temples, museums and shops of world-class. The number of sites and attractions outside of urban areas may keep tourists entertained for weeks and months and not just a few days. Of note are Green Island, Sun Moon Lake, Taroko Gorge, Hualien, Kenting, Maolin and Lugang. Whatever your interests, will not be left feeling unfulfilled.

The world is unrecognizable from when Portuguese explorers September 1 their sights on the coast of Taiwan. But if this same group of intrepid sailors were able to book a flight to the island, chances are they still called Formosa. Even though the modern world has changed forever the land and people, the beauty that exists here is still evident.

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